Some “funnies” about couponing


1. Everyone should be the “mayor” of your grocery,drug and big box store on foursquare

2. You must be crazy if you think paying pennies is do-able. (yes that’s worded correctly)

3. Your Tom-Tom doesn’t even need you to input where your going, he just tells the car to follow the already beaten path

4. You start planning how to make your own fuel.. when you realize Gas in your VEHICLE costs more than to feed your family of 5!

5. Your coupon box drops to the ground and a big gust of wind comes along, Your running through the parking lot screaming “MY COUPONS!!!!!!!!!!”

6.  Reality kicks in after you read these  and realize- Some of these apply to me….


  • Ttsswright

    Love this post!!! My friend lost her coupon binder @ Walgreens…I told her I would rather lose $100.00 than lose my coupon binder. I think I would have to be committed if I lost mine LOL!!

  • Holly Demotte-Morales

    OMG! #5 had me cracking up, i have actually seen this happen to someone!

  • Guest

     #3 so true …

  • Tkstewart

    I stepped out the car with an envie of 35 $1 Purex coupons and a gust of wind blew them down the parking lot!  You better believe I drove around til I got them all back!   

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